Blue Sky Chimney Cleaning and Inspection Service

When’s the Last Time You Had Your Chimney Inspected?


Fireplace Inspection

I don’t use my fireplace, so it’s maintenance free, right?
If you haven’t used your fireplace it probably doesn’t need cleaning but still have it checked for any weather damage to the chimney stack or any hidden defects that make it unsafe. Broken and eroded brickwork, a missing weather cap, hidden water leaks, bird and rodent intrusion, hidden blockages are some of the things we’ll check on.

How often should I have my chimney inspected or cleaned?
The National Fire Protection Association recommends that your chimney should be inspected at least once a year to meet safety and maintenance standards and to check for any sooty deposit buildup or defects that makes the chimney unsafe. If you’re in doubt or simply haven’t had your chimney checked in a while, call Blue Sky.

Will there be a big mess?
Not at all! Blue Sky will clean and inspect your chimney and fireplace with our No Dust & No Mess Guarantee!

What is a chimney camera inspection? Should I have this done?
This is a camera inspection of the chimney flue liner (the pipe) to ensure it meets code and has full integrity and is doing its job of containing all the byproducts of combustion when you use your fireplace. You should have this done if you are buying or selling a home, if you experienced possible chimney fire damage or if your fireplace hasn’t been scanned before. This is a key safety check!

I’m a new home owner and I’m not sure about the chimney…….
If you have a new home call Blue Sky! We’ll do a full safety and maintenance inspection and we’ll also do what’s called a Level II camera inspection of the flue liner (the chimney pipe) to ensure that it has integrity and is doing its job. This is a vital safety check that needs to be done before using the fireplace.