"It seems like every time I hire a chimney sweep I have the cleaning fee plus a whole ton of repairs… This time I decided to go with Blue Sky and not only was the price good, but no repairs necessary at this time! They answered a ton of my nosy questions too. I will definitely keep recommending them. Oh, and they left zero mess behind :)"
Description of work:
We needed to have our chimneys inspected and cleaned.

"Every worker from the salesman to the owner was prompt, courteous, neat and told us exactly what would happen and when. They supplied photographs before and after. It was a class act!"
Description of work:
Rebuild the crown of our chimney which had cracked and weathered and was not up to current standards.

"Blue Sky was prompt to conduct a visual inspection of the chimney and its issues. Dave Lambert promptly provided a bid and estimate for when they would be able to perform the work. We received two other bids and after comparing information provided by each, we selected Blue Sky. They commenced work in estimated time frame, met with us prior to setting the work site area up and addressed access needs we had for the house in the work area. They performed the work in the time frame projected, checked with us frequently on status, quality and any questions we had. The two lead workers on the project, Jeremy and Luke were professional, skilled and extremely courteous. They cleaned up the debris and promptly removed the discarded chimney materials. The finished work is excellent; they provided before and after photo images of the chimney and exceed our expectations. They were able to closely match the original brick so the finished work both the new section and where they replaced individual damaged bricks looks great!"
Description of work:
The fireplace chimney was improperly built originally. Years of water infiltration, freezing and thawing result in severe damage and separation the top 14 -16 courses of brick and mortar. The chimney crown had been improperly designed and built compounding the water penetration and leakage into the house. Two ‘shoulder’ out cropping’s were also improperly designed and built. Because part of the chimney had been previously extended to meet code, the brick in the top 12 feet did not match the rest lower part of the chimney. Access to the chimney required special scaffolding and roof safety considerations.

"The entire experience with Blue Sky was great. We had to have the top crown/cap replaced on our chimney because it was disintegrating and a couple of the flies were cracked so water would leak down the chimney in heavy rain storms. The communication and responsiveness was some of the best I’ve had dealing with contractors over the years. From the first call for an estimate to the final payment the whole thing could not have bee easier. Dave helped me sort out and compare a bunch of varying estimates for the work I needed done and in the end gave me a very fair price. The crew showed up as expected and quickly went to work tearing off the old cap and a few layers of flagstone to replace the cracked flues. They replaced the flues, rebuilt the chimney poured a new cap and waterproofed the whole chimney. They were in and out in less than two days and had I not seen them up there on the roof I’d have never known they were there. The workmanship is great and cleanup after the job was perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Blue Sky again and I would recommend them to anyone."
Description of work:
Replaced chimney cap/crown and cracked flues. 

"Luke was the mason. He was punctual, efficient, hard working, cordial and responsive to every request. The chimney and other brick repair look terrific, he cleaned up after his work each day so that everything looked better than when he arrived. I would highly recommend him."
Description of work:
Repaired chimney brick, took down antenna and wiring, repaired front facade brick  and weather proofed all brick. 

"They did an excellent jog based on all the work that was done.  The chimney sweep was very careful to insure areas in front of and around the fireplace opening were covered.  He did a thorough cleaning and did an excellent job of cleaning up.  The flat surface at the top of the exterior chimney was cracked.  The cracks were sealed and then a special mortar was applied to create a new exterior surface that sealed the entire chimney cap area.  The roof area at the base of the chimney and the chimney itself was all covered and protected.  The quality of this work was excellent.  The gaps at the front of both fireplace flues were filled with a heat resistant mortar.  All of the above work was expertly done.  I would definitely recommend Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps for chimney cleaning and mortar repair."
Description of work:
Cleaned chimney, sealed chimney cap that was cracked, and filled gap between the metal flue housing and brick wall on the front edge of the flue. 

"When they came out it was $150 for a sweep and a camera inspection of my chimney. After getting quotes from other chimney companies this was by far the lowest cost. They were on time, polite, and seemed very knowledgeable. Everything around my fireplace was perfectly clean when they left. They even went up on the roof to check out the chimney to make sure it was fine on the outside too. I would definitely use them again in the future."
Ryan T., Minneapolis

"After calling around the twin cities, I’m confidant these guys are the cheapest at $129. They were professional, on-time and had good communication. The basic sweep doesn’t include the fancy inspecting cameras, which was fine for us. They left the house looking perfectly clean. Would call them again."
Billy D., Madison, WI

"I was worried about my chimney’s safety and so I called Blue Sky and they came out and did a professional inspection of my chimney and it turns out it just needed a cleaning is all. I was shown how to use my fireplace and am looking forward to using it this winter! Very good company!"
Anne Marie, Eden Prairie MN

"Second time I’ve had Blue Sky clean the chimney. The professional cleaners were both diligent, thorough and cleaned up spotlessly. When the cleaner was running 15 minutes late, he gave me a courtesy call- I highly recommend this service."
Barb P., Darfur, MN

"Great work at a reasonable price. Also, all staff members were great!"
William J., Excelsior, MN